Paintball Repairs

Chrono $5
For safety, your paintball marker should shoot under 285fps

Diagnostic $10
Want to know why your equipment isn’t working properly?

Internal Cleaning $10
To ensure that your equipment works properly, it should be cleaned regularly.

Basic, Diagnostic and Repair $20
Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on service? We will find the problem and fix just that, no bells and whistles. (Does not include parts).

The Works $30
Let us baby your equipment! Includes: Diagnostic, Repair, Internal and External Cleaning, Chrono, and O-Ring Replacement. (Does not include parts).


All repair work is done Monday through Friday Only.
If you need your equipment back by a particular date, make sure that date is noted on the repair tag.
IF you need your equipment back in less than 7 days make sure that the Repair Tech has agreed that the time frame is possible before you drop it off.

Other Paintball Related Services:

Tank Hydro (Usually takes 1 to 2 weeks)
Cost = $30.00 (includes air fill)